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Case reports provide a level of evidence for clinical practice. The following case reports were prepared by ISM Series graduates for their ISM certification. Each case is accompanied by at least 3 videos, which may not pertain to the case report, and demonstrate the ability to perform key ISM skills. ISM evolves over time. In 2022 a new format for finding functional unit drivers was established, with the purpose of avoiding the ‘laundry list of findings’ and to expedite the finding of drivers. Stuart Dixon’s report is the first one to reflect this new format. Findings are found in the start screen for ONE UNIT, then immediately compared to findings in the screening task rather than gathering ALL findings for ALL units. Quick screen tests are used to determine IF another unit needs to be assessed at all. When two units are evaluated, drivers are found for each and then prioritized. Please be aware when reading the reports subsequent to Stuart’s of this change if you are preparing to certify.

After your clinical reflection form for finding drivers is completed and approved, your written report can begin. After each submission, clinical reasoning questions will be asked and responded to until a great story evolves!

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All the reports prior to Stuart Dixon are written in an older format for ISM certification. We no longer collect all the findings in a start screen for all functional Units and then test all these findings in the screening task.  We work in one Functional Unit only (chosen according to the story) and find that driver first, then do screening tests to determine if it is necessary to assess other units. If so, drivers are found in those units and then prioritized. This is a much more efficient way to work with ISM and not create that overwhelming laundry list of findings!

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Clinical Mentorship in the Integrated Systems Model

Join Diane, and her team of highly skilled assistants, on this mentorship journey and immerse yourself in a series of education opportunities that will improve your clinical efficacy for treating the whole person using the updated Integrated Systems Model.

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  • The ISM Series 

    Clinical Mentorship in the Integrated Systems Model

    We will come together for 3 sessions of 4 (4.5) days over a period of 6-8 months with lots of practical/clinical time to focus on acquiring the skills and clinical reasoning to put the ISM model into practice. Hours of online lecture and reading material and 12 hours of in-person lecture are...

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