Our Mission

To help clinicians expedite expertise and get results faster.

The Team

Diane has had the privilege to be part of the ISM training of hundreds of clinicians world-wide.  Many have demonstrated advanced levels of knowledge and skill and thus been invited to join Diane as an assistant on her ISM courses.  As of 2020, all assistants must be ISM certified, or in the process of completing their certification. The senior assistants are all certified and lead the assisting team for the ISM Series, both in Akasha Studio and abroad.


Lead Instructor




Senior Assistants




ISM Certified Assistants






David Emsley
England, UK
Simon Greene
Custom Medical Centre, IFSC, Dublin 1. Ireland
Dr. Hollis Herman
Boston, USA
Erja Kouri
Helsinki, Finland
Kjersti Malinsky
Surrey, B.C. Canada
Dustin Palsson
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Eric Perkio
Surrey, B.C. Canada
Andrea Plitz
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Dawn Sandalcidi
Denver, USA
Jacqui Taylor
Bingley, West Yorkshire, UK
Dr. Gail Wetzler
Centennial, Colorado USA
Brent Yamashita
Steam Boat Springs, Colorado





秋吉 直樹 Naoki Akiyoshi
Chiba, Japan
石井 慎一郎 Shinichiro Ishii
Yokohama, Japan
城内 若菜 Wakana Shirouchi
Kumamoto, Japan
Daisuke Tatara
Fukuoka Shion Hospital
Kanae Tsukada
Yasumitsu Umeda
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