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Lynne Brochu
ISM Certified Practitioner
Suite 102, 53 Stadacona Street West, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada
Suite 102, 53 Stadacona Street West Moose Jaw Saskatchewan S6H 1Z2 CA

Within: Self Mastery Through and Beyond Physical Therapy

Lynne Brochu was briefly introduced to the Integrated Systems Model or ISM (Diane Lee, LJ Lee) in October of 2011 during a course in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Lynne then immediately embarked on her journey by enrolling in the Discover Physio Series in Vancouver, British Columbia, and graduated from this Series in December of 2012. Lynne’s journey then continued with her assisting Diane Lee on an ISM introductory course in Winnipeg, Manitoba in June, 2013. Finally, Lynne then opened “Within” in July, 2013 where she is the sole practicing ISM physical therapist within her city. Lynne proudly solely uses the ISM within her practice, and Lynne continually further educates to expand upon her knowledge primarily through Diane Lee.  While Lynne’s passion is mostly in assisting patients with musculoskeletal/ orthopaedic conditions, she also routinely treats women with pelvic floor issues, and patients with visceral issues, dural issues, TMJ concerns, dizziness / vertigo, and several chronic conditions.  Lynne is passionate about her career and her goal is to empower every patient on their journey to health. Please visit for more information.

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