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Nell Mead
ISM Series Graduate
33 Sun Street, London EC2M 2PY, United Kingdom
33 Sun Street London England EC2M 2PY GB

Victory Health & Performance

Run by clinical director, former Army Major and consultant physiotherapist Nell Mead, Victory Health & Performance is the only all-ISM physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinic in London.

Everything in your body is connected. An injury in one place can lead to compensation and further injury in another. So when you feel pain, you need to know where the trouble stems from.

At Victory, we find, analyse and tackle the cause of your pain, rather than just looking at the symptoms. Once we’ve located the problem, we can help you get better and better. No temporary fixes – we only deal in long-term solutions.

Everyone’s body has a story to tell, and when you come to Victory, we listen. We understand that injury is rarely just about one painful part. Using our unique Health & Performance Pyramid, we look at your body as a whole to find the real cause of the problem. And when we’re designing a treatment plan for you, it’s about more than physiology; we think about who you are, and what’s important to you, whether it’s trampolining or trips abroad. We respect your time by starting and ending sessions on the dot, we get back to you quickly by phone or email and we remember how you take you tea.

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