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Course description

This package contains prep material for Part 3 of The Series with Diane Lee.

Course Reviews

  1. For the love of feet!


    This is a really informative and inspirational phase in Learning with Diane Lee. As a Biomechanist this really brought whole body mechanics together on the injury prevention/management platform – a trick not to missed next time I’m in the Lab! Dr. Ed Glaser’s MASS Posture Theory is a sensational listen with all the reasons ‘why’ i love geeking out on feet! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. Ready for part three!


    Loved the foot videos, what a great analysis of the foot and it’s biomechanics, fun!

  3. A precise review of arthrokinematics in foot during pronation and supination.


    I’ve been releasing dura (including obturator foramen), sphenoid and cranial bones for years. Reviewing the venous drainage was very helpful in understanding more clearly restrictions leading to dysfunction. I’m looking forward to meaningful tasks and corrections for both the cranium and feet in part 3.

  4. Great review of arthrokinematics


    Enjoyed Lynn’s CP it was very thorough!

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