TAKE THIS COURSE Prerequisite Course: The Series: Part 2 Support

The materials in this course are only accessible by students who are enrolled in The Series with Diane Lee.

Course description

This package contains the prep and support material for Part 3 of The Series and must be completed prior to the end of the in-class portion of this course to receive your completion certificate.

Course Reviews

  1. Fantastic Learning Tool


    These videos are such fantastic learning tools. They help to really engage with ISM and understand the many different relationships that can occur with incongruences. Clear, succinct videos that are well presented and wonderfully narrated. Great work by you and your team Diane!

  2. Review of course material part 3


    Excellent steps of treatment on real cases so you actually see real corrections with clear instructions .i will definitely be dipping back into all the course material in clinic time to be sure I donโ€™t forget clear steps and interpretations of results once in my own .This feels like an invaluable resource to me .Thank you for all the time effort put into making it.

  3. ISM series


    The ISM course series and support Material is excellent! It is well organized and comprehensive. Also, I find the videos, texts and assignments very helpful in reinforcing the lectures. The ISM clinical model is highly effective, and it has really transformed my practice! This is exactly what I have been looking for professionally! Thank you! I really appreciate the mentorship and look forward to future courses with you.

    Margarita Miras

  4. Excellent, as always!


    Thank you so much, Diane, for putting this incredibly valuable learning experience!

  5. Superb!


    Gutted the 15 days are over already – can’t wait to fly 10 hours back to the UK so I can get started implementing all this awesome material. Thanks Diane, Cathy and team ISM ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. quite a journey!


    The ISM is an amazing way of thinking to facilitate precision and economy in our practice. I have learned a ton and have been able to make progress with clients I had had limited or temporary results with previously. I am so thankful for the excellent instruction and support over the past half year that we have all been learning together, and know that the learning will continue with the help of the extensive materials online and in Diane’s books.

  7. 5

    Amazing series. I would recommend it to any therapist who is is interested in treating whole patient effectively. All information can be immediately used in a clinic to treat even the most complicated cases. I am honored to be the part of ISM family.

  8. Really enjoyed this course!


    This series definitely challenged my thinking and my way of practice. There is a lot of information (that still needs to be consolidated in my mind!), so the review videos are helpful. I really enjoyed the learning experience in the classroom with physiotherapists and osteopaths from around the world – pretty cool group to learn from. A big thank you to Diane, Cathy, and all associates who shared their knowledge and expertise with us!

  9. For the love of feet!


    This is a really informative and inspirational phase in Learning with Diane Lee. As a Biomechanist this really brought whole body mechanics together on the injury prevention/management platform – a trick not to missed next time I’m in the Lab! Dr. Ed Glaser’s MASS Posture Theory is a sensational listen with all the reasons ‘why’ i love geeking out on feet! Thank you for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Ready for part three!


    Loved the foot videos, what a great analysis of the foot and it’s biomechanics, fun!

  11. A precise review of arthrokinematics in foot during pronation and supination.


    I’ve been releasing dura (including obturator foramen), sphenoid and cranial bones for years. Reviewing the venous drainage was very helpful in understanding more clearly restrictions leading to dysfunction. I’m looking forward to meaningful tasks and corrections for both the cranium and feet in part 3.

  12. Great review of arthrokinematics


    Enjoyed Lynn’s CP it was very thorough!

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