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Course description

This package contains supporting material for Part 2 of The Series with Diane Lee.

Course Reviews

  1. Excellent learning tool!


    Very comprehensive learning tool. Can’t ask for more. Thank you Diane!

  2. Part 2 Support


    Gat content to facilitate the physical course material.

  3. Part 2


    Really clear and good informative videos to learn from which I find very good as I am a visual learner.Really helpful to to refer back to when come back from clinic a little more confused !,

  4. Simple Precision


    These prep videos are so clear, concise with step-by-step ISM application and reasoning as I watched them, later performed them, their was no gaps in the lecture video to hands-on data acquisition. Thanks Diane, you’ve excelled again!

  5. Loving it!


    Thanks Diane, loving the review. It’s like I’m right there on the course with you. I’m also feeling much more confident with my listening and corrections after watching these videos!

  6. Excellent


    The videos were really helpful for review! I think that the articles were also really good to ready and important insight.

  7. 5

    I really love the video learning, especially when there’s audio narration. It is especially helpful with the clinical reasoning components. For the skill acquisition, especially the didactic arthrokinematics, it was very helpful to be tested on the quiz, so I had to really get it down, and not skim over it. The clinical puzzle and ISM letter are also very helpful in terms of grounding the information, and forcing me to wrestle with it. This is a great format for my learning style: mostly joyful soaking up of information and being inspired, and just enough accountability focus to make it real. Thank you.

  8. 4

    Great review. I would of liked some voice over on anatomy of abdominal wall and diaphragm anatomy of clinical points of reference and importance. Slower more detailed review of the painful learning curve for thoracic mobilization techniques…multiplanar movements etc….

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