TAKE THIS COURSE Prerequisite Course: The Series: Part 1 Prep

The materials in this course are only accessible by students who are enrolled in The Series with Diane Lee.

Course description

This package contains supporting material for Part 1 of The Series with Diane Lee.

Course Reviews

  1. Course design facilitates learning


    Information is presented through a combination of text book, articles and pre-recorded video thus accommodating different learning styles. Integration of material is reinforced with written homework and a quiz–the quiz is another learning opportunity 😉 ISM material requires a paradigm shift in thinking that allows you to more efficiently organize your treatment strategies and techniques for addressing the key lesion or “driver.” Don’t hold on to your treatment sacred cows while learning this material–they will wander back to the barn on their own as you progress through the material if they are truly useful.

  2. Great review support


    Very helpful review material after part 1 to help support and consolidate learning. It’s amazing the details you forget… but are then reminded of with these videos.

  3. Great Videos!


    It was so nice to have these great videos to reflect on and support our knowledge from part one!

  4. Very helpful!


    Great course for solidifying information and seeing different examples of drivers and how to apply them to your assessments/clinical practice.

  5. Great


    Great help for post course refresh.

  6. The Series: Part 1 Prep


    Great to be able to review the material before, throughout & after part 1. The videos are excellent, really useful tool to aid reflection.

  7. So helpful!


    I love how these videos have evolved and that you are so dedicated to updating them. The final training videos are a great addition and so useful in practice; they really are worth all of your effort Diane – thank you.

  8. Great to review anatomy/techniques


    A really useful set of material to review anatomy and techniques. And the videos of exercise progressions near the end were fab!

  9. 4

    Helpful to reinforce the course!

  10. Great series!


    I repeatedly watch the videos to pick up the nuances to apply them efficiently in the clinic. Love them!

  11. Excellent


    Good video for visual learners to review what was gone over during the first part of the series. I really enjoyed the review and felt that it has been helpful as a reference when in the clinic

  12. Part 1


    Wow!-awesome course, incredible support 11 out of 10 stars 🙂

  13. Part 1 Support


    The video support in this section enables each attendee on the course to build a foundation of the key principles of ISM, use the Pelvic Girdle Book as a further reference tool to the concepts, and each visual representation applying the skills allows each practitioner to hone their skills.

  14. Part 1 Support


    Excellent review of key concepts in Part 1. The videos were short and succinct and key assessment and treatment principles were covered. The support material really helped to solidify the material covered in part 1. They will continue to be an excellent resource in the future!

  15. Part I Support Review


    This was absolutely helpful. The videos and the instruction helped me tie in all of the materials from class. It also made it more practical for me. I believe a couple of the videos did not have audio. Still good to see but prefer audio to be included to have a full grasp.

  16. Love the ample videos

    Here is a quick suggestion, I liked part 2 with Tiana’s videos. Maybe a short written summary of findings underneath the videos would, I think, go a long way. That way it would help me focus and allow me a chance to reflect.

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