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Course Reviews

  1. Profile photo of Wakana Shirouchi

    Thank you


    I could learn a lot thing because there are a lot of evidence and clinical experience in this course!! Specially, case study is very helpful for me to understand it. Thank you.

  2. Profile photo of Nao Saruta



    It was amazing that I can learn a lot from this part 1 prep course before the in-class course starts!

  3. Profile photo of Kathleen

    thorough review!


    this course is a good walk through things we as PTs know, things we may have forgotten, things we might need to forget and things to consider and learn anew.
    I vacillated between feeling like my typical treatment was incredibly imprecise, to realizing that my instincts were spot on.
    I so look forward to the next 6 months of learning together!

  4. Profile photo of Krystie Cheong

    Good prep work


    The prep work was manageable. It is a lot, compared to other courses I have taken, but it’s very do-able. I enjoyed watching the videos and seeing Diane in her element. It definitely got me excited about the upcoming course! For the case histories, I learn best by seeing a completed worksheet, before trying to fill one out myself. And one suggestion re the quizzes – upon successful completion of a quiz (> 70%), it would be nice to see the correct answers for the questions I got wrong. Definitely helps me learn better, without going back through the textbook and all video segments to try and locate the right answers.

  5. Profile photo of Mari Camut

    THIS is physical therapy


    I absolutely loved this course. I work a lot with pelvic floor issues, and this approach is what I have been missing. Can’t wait for more!

  6. Profile photo of EdBelding

    Great Review


    I keep getting more and more out of the series as I review the materials. Thanks for putting it together in such a useful format.

  7. Profile photo of Debora Chassé

    Improving quality care with efficiency


    My purpose for taking the ISM course was to improve my orthopedic testing skills and decrease the number of patient visits by improving efficiency and efficacy. I’m getting 50-80% improvements in my woman’s health patients in 2-4 visits. That’s phenomenal.

  8. Profile photo of JeanieCrawford



    Love the endless little videos.

  9. Profile photo of KathyDrysdale

    Great Introduction


    I really enjoyed this format, you can see the changes that are created using this model – which is exciting and inspiring!

  10. Profile photo of Kjersti Malinsky

    Love the videos


    I found the case studies and analysis of different vectors most helpful. Nice to be able to go back and watch again for future reference.

  11. Profile photo of Susannah Steers

    Thank you!


    So much great information to learn and absorb in the online modules. I look forward to exploring it all further and deepening my understanding in the live course together. Thank you so much.

  12. Profile photo of Justin Lin

    Very Nice Diane


    I am really digging this online learning module and the questions. I wish wew had this sooner but I know the future classes will benefit. Thank you for reinvesting your time and energy and of course $$$ for a better product for the future.

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