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Understanding the relationship between, and within, body regions and the consequences of impaired function of one region on another is complex. Many health practitioners specialize in body regions (low back, neck, knee) and treatment is often based on the practitioner’s training and experience. However, this reductionist approach may not be optimal in that each body region is also integrated, and interdependent, as part of the whole body/person.  No studies have correlated persistent pain anywhere in the body to a consistent impairment. Therefore, in persistent pain conditions such as low back pain, pelvic girdle, pain, plantar fasciitis, headache etc., understanding what body region, and system within that region, should be treated requires an individual clinical reasoning approach.

This 45-minute webinar was produced for IFOMPT 2020 and will introduce tests to determine when the thorax is playing a critical role for an individual with impaired function of the pelvic girdle (loss of mobility and/or control) with or without associated pelvic girdle pain. The role of manual therapy for articular, neural, myofascial and/or visceral system impairments impacting the various thoracic rings will be outlined as part of the individualized multi-modal treatment approach.

More information on ISM and the Thorax can be found in online courses, in-class courses and in the new text The Thorax – An Integrated Approach (Lee 2018) which can be purchased here  or through the Handspring Publishing website here.



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  1. Enlightening!


    So interesting.

  2. Role of thorax in LB


    I liked this lecture a lot! I think looking these lectures helps to process the information i got from your book. See you on may in Finland!

  3. Great Presentation!


    Diane does such a great job with her explanations and her examples throughout the course

  4. Thorax in Low Back and Pelvic Girdle Pain & dysfuction


    Very informative webinar by excellent speaker! It is a start for futher studies and practice.

  5. Role of Thorax in LB and PG Pain & Dysfunction


    This is very, very useful information in problem-solving and in prioritization to maximize effectiveness when treating pain and/or dysfunction of the spine and extremities. Thank you Diane Lee!


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