The Thorax – An Integrated Approach (2018) will update the reader on the relevant anatomy, known biomechanics, clinical assessment, musculoskeletal conditions and treatment of the thorax and how these relate to the function of the whole body. An integrated biopsychosocial model (the Integrated Systems Model – ISM) will be highlighted in this text and used as a foundation for clinicians to organize their knowledge from multiple sources. The text emphasizes the current suggestion from the evidence that treatment be individualized and that clinical reasoning form the basis for treatment decisions.

Richly illustrated with 3D-rendered colour anatomical drawings, and over 550 clinical photographs and supplemented with online videos which may be accessed using the QR codes within the text, The Thorax – An integrated approach is the definitive manual on the thorax for all bodyworkers helping patients improve mobility and control of the trunk.


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Australian Journal of Physiotherapy Book Review

“The highlight of the text is the chapters which describe the treatment methods. Spinal and rib joint mobilisation and manipulation, and muscle energy “release” techniques are clearly described and supported by illustrations. These techniques would be widely applicable in the treatment of joint hypomobility in the thoracic region. The chapter on therapeutic exercise is very well presented. It provides a framework for exercise prescription complete with specific retraining exercises, a method of exercise progression and instructional cues for the patient.”

  • Thoracic Ring Control & Planks
  • Thoracic Ring Mobility
  • Thoracic Ring Correction

About the author – Diane Lee

Diane Lee is a member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA), a Lifetime Membership Award recipient and Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Therapists and recognized by CPA as a clinical specialist in Women’s Health for her expertise in the thorax, pelvic girdle and abdominal wall. She is the owner, director and practicing physiotherapist at Diane Lee & Associates ( and the lead developer and instructor of an online/in-class education company Learn with Diane Lee ( For over 35 years Diane has been passionate about helping women, and clinicians/trainers who work with women, remain healthy and active through all the challenges of pregnancy, delivery and aging.

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