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By age 16, as a result of her gymnastic pursuits, Diane had an unstable ankle, ‘funky’ elbow and pelvic floor incontinence and so begin her interface with rehabilitation. Welcome to Physio+10 and our guest Diane Lee. Diane is a Canadian Physiotherapist, who is known worldwide through her landmark text, The Pelvic Girdle. This book and subsequent iterations parallel our profession’s musculoskeletal development. Initially focused on the joint, then incorporating myofascial slings, motor control and most recently, our understanding of emotions, the text reflects our growing understanding of how to manage complex clinical presentations.

Diane explains how;

The current focus on RCT, SR and evidence-focused practice is eliminating clinical creativity and sapping professional passion.  It is important to focus on function, not pain and to test and retest clinical hypotheses, letting the patient’s body indicate the validity of treatment.  Why it is critical to develop hands-on skills and why current evidence challenging this skill’s importance is flawed – you need validity before you can test reliability.

It is important for young Physios to be comfortable with discomfort and to surround themselves with their success.

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