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This podcast is the result of two social media posts. The first is the meme that Adam Meakins posted on Facebook, to which I responded as you can read above the meme.  Someone tagged Adam for his thoughts and I invited him to have a conversation/discussion/debate publicly and asked Antony Lo to mediate. Adam is a vocal ‘hands off’ practitioner and I am not and I suspect many were hoping for an all out battle of words, evidence, beliefs etc. true to past experiences with conversations with Adam. While we agreed on many aspects of client/patient care we are fundamentally miles apart when it comes to using our hands in treatment.  The most revealing part of this podcast to me was learning that Adam doesn’t treat any pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain conditions that he suspects have involvement of the pelvic floor. He has no tests or treatment for the pelvic floor and essentially told us that he has no experience in the vast population whom suffer from persistent pelvic girdle pain. He refers these individuals to pelvic health physios, and that’s a good thing because many don’t do well with global training.

Have a listen and see what you think. Our goals are the same. To help as many people as we can with the tools/skills we possess and advise those who need the tools we don’t have to others.

There was a lot of chatter and feedback on this on Facebook and other social media platforms.  In the end there are many ways to help people and that’s a good thing.

I loved this feedback from Owen Lewis (UK).

So gratifying to see that your pleasant approach of politeness, while not designed to win any fight, does with a gentle grace allow the potential combatant into resignation. It’s so indicative of the philosophies surrounding tai-chi and the power of that soft art over the harder styles like karate.

So I watched your mastery, not only of the subject itself, but the mastery of relationships. Perhaps it is this mastery that is at the heart of your clinical excellence.

So congratulations on mastering this (webinar) field of battle and achieving the success of all tai-chi masters, a draw!

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Course Reviews

  1. Very informative


    I really enjoyed this presentation, the respectful differences of opinion. It has reminded me yet again that the primary focus must be what actually works for the person presenting in front of us, the research is helpful and thought provoking but in the end, it has to work for the patient or it’s not helpful. I particularly resonated with your comments regarding working with the nervous system.

  2. A job well done


    Thank you for the clear speak and competence of presentation, Diane. After reading your website, this was my first course by you.

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