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ISM Series Update

Course description

This is a highly practical course that will update/refine your ISM skills.  It is a very dynamic course, unique to each year and location.  In 2023 we will cover:

  1. The concept of Functional Units and how this can expedite finding the relationships between drivers in different regions.
  2. How to use the new Clinical reflection/reasoning form – a way to organize all the information gathered in a whole body ISM assessment.
  3. Theories on the ‘infinity sign’ and how trauma and dysregulated autonomic nervous system states can cause persistent loss of dural and neural mobility.
  4. Your review wish list.

Come join Diane Lee and the senior ISM Series assistants for an integration weekend of learning and take home more ISM tools to improve your efficacy and efficiency.

Each ISM Update course is unique so be sure to check the description on the individual course for content.

If you did the ISM Series after 2013, prep is to revisit all your online video prep and support and watch anything new and review anything you feel rusty with. If you did the ISM Series (Discover Physio) prior to 2014 you have a lot of catching up to do! Registration for this course will provide you with all the online course material for the current ISM Series which takes approximately 20 hours to get through so plan your time accordingly. You will also receive a review package of skill videos called the ISM Flow course package. The more you review the more you will get out of this update course.

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Course Reviews

  1. Dear Diane, I wanted to thank you for putting your heart and soul into teaching the course this last weekend. It really helped integrate all the loose ends (e.g. sternoclavicular joint, cranium, pelvis/ pelvic floor, elbow, wrist,) and pull the pieces together for me.

    I went forth confident that I could figure things out given the framework (form) and being empowered to be creative (freedom). The journey ahead excites me with all the possibilities for improving quality of movement and life for my patients.

    Thank you for the empowerment and for passing on this knowledge.


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