Trish Gipson

I wanted to say thanks again for such an amazing course. It’s unlike any course I’ve taken in so many ways. The camaraderie in the group, with everyone bringing different skills from different backgrounds to the table made it truly unique. And of course, there’s the instructors…how can I say enough about you guys? You both have a way of allowing people to reach their potential just by showing that you have confidence in them (us). If you look up “empowering women” I think I’d see your pictures there!

I have a quote from Maya Angelou on my desk at work: “Do the best you can until you know better. And then when you know better, do better”. I look at it anytime I have a client that I can’t “figure out” or anytime I feel like I’m “failing” someone. Since taking the series, now I feel like I know better, I am working on doing better, and I acknowledge that this journey doesn’t have an endpoint as long as we keep feeling new findings (I swear I didn’t believe I’d be able to feel the movement of the cranial bones until I did on that last weekend!) and asking new questions. You’re a perfect model of that, Diane; always searching for the next piece to add to the puzzle.

I am beyond excited to be back next year as an assistant. I’m honored to be in that role and am looking forward to continuing this ISM journey.

Trish Gipson ISM Series

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