Leigh Fortuna

The #ISM Series has been an experience to be remembered.  The Learn With Diane Lee teaching  team (Diane Lee Cathy Rogers Nicole McVarish Trish Gipson Physiotherapist Eric Perkio Calvin Wong Rachel Corbett) is phenomenal- supportive, encouraging, challenging and wow do they ever know their stuff!!  The course content pushes participants to clinically reason, dig through their skills toolboxes to pick the best interventions for that person in that moment, and never is there only one right way to do things.  The format of the course allowed for us to continually loop back and review/practice pieces learned earlier which really helped with integration.  I think it would be hard to find another course so integrative, bringing in research, clinical techniques from many sources, the whole body, as well as its systems -including the mind and nervous systems.   This is definitely a course to consider for physios out there looking for a fresh perspective.

Now time to head back to work and get this stuff in action!!

Leigh Fortuna ISM Series

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