Kaili Baas

Hi Diane,

First I just wanted to share my sincere thanks for hosting, teaching and creating such an amazing course for us to continue our education.

I was one of the patients assessed today for the last part of week 1, 2015 Series.  The meaningful task was cycling, with a glued left 8,9 ring as the driver (with likely foot and ankle issues to be determined later).  I did what you suggested on my bike ride back to where I’m staying, I corrected the rib, breathed and tried to stay long through my torso, with out my usual correction of rib cage forward .  Guess What!  I was too busy noticing how much easier it was to breathe, that I finally noticed that I wasn’t weak, but in fact climbing a hill, on a really heavy borrowed bike, and wasn’t in the lowest possible gear!!!  Did that make sense?

So, it was not so easy to hold, but I worked on my mapping for the duration of the ride…..I can only describe it as FREEDOM!  I don’t think I realized how much my breathing was affected.


Thank you !!!

Off to do some more brain mapping!



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