ISM is amazing..

After a long day yesterday of finding drivers, taping some ribs, filling out clinical puzzle sheets and beginning to reorganize my clinical closet, I found myself so joyful on my way home and appreciative of Diane’s (et al) dedication and skill.

It brought to mind a memory of girl scout camp in elementary school which I hated. They took us on an overnight backpacking trip which seemed like we hiked forever. We set up camp, slept and had a breakfast hunt in the morning. Then it was time to head back to our campgrounds. Ugh another long hike….but to my surprise camp was only a 10 minute walk home by shortcut. We must have been hiking in circles!

Diane…thank you so much for my clinical short cut home. Amazing. Will post some a few clinical questions/stories soon.

Lisa Iacovelli Physical Therapist/Owner

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