Mark Finch
Structural Bodyworker, Educator
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Mark Finch has been a body worker since 1996. He has completed training in Therapeutic Massage, Neuromuscular therapy, Kinesis Myofascial Integration (KMI) and most recently Visceral Manipulation. He has successfully treated in a variety of therapeutic settings, from touring with the Riverdance troupe to maintaining a busy practice in Vancouver BC.

Mark teaches ‘The Anatomy Trains’ and ‘Fascia, Its Structure and Function’ in numerous international venues. He brings a deep foundation of clinical skill to his teaching, and this combined with his passion for learning and manual therapy make him a dynamic presenter.

When we are injured or stressed, no matter what the source of the stress, there is a neuro-muscular response – usually involving some combination of contraction, retraction, immobility, and often rotation. These patterns put some muscles under strain (so that they develop painful trigger points) and also pulls at the fascial fabric, requiring it to shift, thicken, glue itself to surrounding structures, and otherwise compensate for the excess sustained muscular holding. Especially when there are chronic and long-held patterns, it is not enough to simply release the muscular holding, even though that is definitely a good start. Freeing and repositioning the fascial fabric, along with re-integration of the movement patterns so that they stay easily in their proper positioning, is the aim of KMI.

Through a careful, progressive manipulation of the body’s ubiquitous organ of shape and structure, the myofascial web, a structural reorganization can then take place in our bodies.

Mark presents clinically successful techniques in an engaging and dynamic learning environment. Mark resides in Vancouver BC where he maintains a busy practice.


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