Lasse Liikanen
Helsinki, Finland

Lasse was inspired to take his studies in manual therapy after having suffered from recurrent injuries during his active period in sports of rugby and martial arts. He started as a sport massage therapist in 2008 and moved quickly to study more kinesthetic approaches to improve his skills and enable better treatment outcomes. He graduated as Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2013, and was inspired to attend ISM mentorship after a course held by Diane Lee in Helsinki during the same year. Lasse participated in the ISM Series mentorship during 2014 in Vancouver, BC. Since then, he has been on a path to get a deeper understanding of the ISM approach.

The whole body assessment approach of the ISM felt something that he had been missing as a clinician. Lasse has a holistic approach to cover all the needs of a patient and he truly is a motivational therapist. He firmly believes that one should learn from his patients while teaching them to perform and understand their condition better. Lasse is enthusiastic to learn and improve his skills to optimize his own clinical work – and he is always ready to pass on his knowledge!

Currently, Lasse is working in occupational health care in Helsinki.

Lasse will be assisting Diane Lee during the Women’s Health course in Helsinki 2016.


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