Karen San Andres
Owner & Physiotherapist
Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Karen San Andres, Reg. PT, lovingly founded ellephysio on the premise that a client’s success comes from finding confidence from within. Her welcoming clinic in Oakville recognizes the growing demand for physiotherapy that caters to the unique needs of women.

Since 2005, Karen has been skillfully leading patients covering the entire spectrum of athletic ability towards healing, strengthening and balance. Her educational accomplishments include Bachelor degrees in both Psychology and Life Sciences from Queen’s University and a Masters in Physiotherapy from the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia.

The ellephysio clinic truly reflects Karen’s warmth and desire to help and empower others. The space and its culture are an extension of her personal dedication to treating women and their families in an environment they can feel comfortable in.

Karen employs a unique core strengthening approach to help her patients find balance and health. Her specialized techniques, one-on-one approach, and positive communication form the foundation of her work and her clinic. She enjoys working with women and girls of all ages, seeing her treatment as a partnership with her patients, regardless of their age or abilities. Karen has helped seniors restore the strength needed to enjoy a long-planned trip to Paris, pregnant women heal sore hip joints, and preteens strengthen after athletic injury. She is especially interested in activity, exercise, training, and treatment for dancers, rep sport players, marathon runners, and weekend warriors alike.

For Karen, ellephysio is more than a clinic; it’s the realization of a dream, bringing providers and patients together on a journey toward healing and health.

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