Jennifer Cardew
Plymouth, UK

Jen Cardew graduated from the University of Hertfordshire, England in 2004. She was the Clinical Lead for Women’s Health Physiotherapy at Derriford Hospital, Plymouth (NHS) from 2010 to January, 2017. She has set up her own clinic in her hometown of Seaton in south east Cornwall (UK). Jen took the ‘Series’ in Surrey, London in 2013 and hasn’t looked back. She has assisted Diane on the ISM course New Perspectives from The Integrated Systems Model for Treating Women with Pelvic Girdle Pain, POP, SUI and/or DRA in 2015 and 2016. She is looking forward to assisting again for the ISM Cranium, Neck and Upper Thorax course in Dublin, Ireland and is working towards her ISM Certification.

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