Dr. Jim Coppin and his son Spencer Coppin
Digging deeper into health

From Spencer Coppin’s website 

The future of health and performance lies in understanding your individual biochemistry and applying nutritional, supplemental, and hormonal techniques to gain the advantage on life.

Having grown up with a father trained in conventional medicine I experienced first hand what “medicine for the masses” had in store. I spent many weekends watching my father do rounds at the hospital tending to his unwell patients and sat in the car for hours waiting for him to finish a “house-call”. Remember when doctors actually did house calls…Now you’re lucky if you get 10 mins of their time. He was a true physician. Giving his all to his patients. But his tool box was limited!! The Hippocratic Oath – “First do no Harm” was tough to accomplish with this tool box of drugs and knives. A dramatic paradigm shift was about to happen.

So most of my childhood and teens was spent experiencing traditional medicine’s from all over the world as my father searched for true wellness and true healing. From Ayurvedic medicine,meditation and Chi Qong to vitamin therapy and sports medicine. We tried it all and today our health is a reflection of our lifestyle.

Since disease and sick-care did not resonate with me, i dropped out of University and decided that I should learn the most ancient form of healing and wellness, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. I practiced for 5 years achieving some absolutely incredible results. But it still left me wanting more. So during my Acupuncture practice days, I also trained and studied with Canada’s sports nutrition legend Cory Holly. Cory taught me what it took to achieve peak performance without having to give up your health. I was hooked!! Now I employed the recovery techniques and supplementation from sports nutrition added with the energy healing from acupuncture. I was on to something!!

My father and I began to heal clients together as a deadly father/son duo!! Our little “word of mouth” side business took off like crazy. His knowledge of Anti AgingBio-Identical Hormone Replacement, and Regenerative Medicine allowed me to grasp the future of medicine by osmosis. I absorbed everything from him that I could. We were pushing boundaries that no one locally was doing. We became so busy that we needed to clone ourselves!! I never had the desire to be a doctor…I wanted to be an optimal health advisor and high performance advocate. So I did the closest thing to becoming a doctor and that journey began 3 years ago when I enrolled at the Institute for Functional Medicine, headed by the pioneers in real medicine Dr. Jeffrey BlandDr. David Jones, and Dr. Mark Hyman. This journey has propelled my abilities as a practitioner to help clients achieve the health results they’ve been looking for. Now our protocols are treating, reversing, enhancing, and empowering lives on a daily basis.

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