Andrea Plitz
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Originally from Ottawa, Andrea Plitz completed her Bachelor of Science (Honours) at Queen’s University, and went on to McGill University to complete her Masters of Science (Applied) in Physical Therapy. Since then she has worked in both public and private clinical settings.

Working at The Ottawa Hospital for almost 2 years provided her with excellent experience in understanding and working to rehabilitate moreacutely-ill patient populations including orthopedics, medicine, general- andneuro-surgery, vascular and amputees, among others. It has given her a unique perspective on how our current health system operates and how to best meet the needs of patients during and after an acute medical incident.

Wanting to work more closely with her patients, Andrea moved from the hospital to private practice. Here she enjoys the opportunity toget to know her patients, work with them throughout their rehabilitation and help them return to optimal function and activity. Her treatment focuses on the entire body, taking into consideration the interconnectedness of the body’s systems. She has taken numerous courses in John F.Barnes Myofascial Release and believes strongly in providing her patients with the education and tools to help them take an active role in their healing process.

While she continues to enjoy working with men, women, and children with any condition, she also focuses on Women’s Health issues. Andrea has been trained in pelvic floor physiotherapy for women’s health conditions such as urinary urgency &/or incontinence, pelvic pain including pain with intercourse, pudendal neuralgia, and vulvodynia, pelvic organ prolapse, episiotomy scarring and pain, and more. She believes that this often under treated area is very important as these conditions cannot only severely limit a woman’s health, but also her activities and hobbies, job, family, relationships (both platonic and intimate), and more; all greatly impacting her quality of life. She also treats other common conditions associated with pregnancy including low back pain, rib pain &/or numbness, heartburn and shortness of breath, pelvic imbalances, caesarian scarring and pain, torn abdominals, breastfeeding issues and more, as well as issues related to breast cancer.

She believes strongly in listening to her patients, providing individual, hands-on treatment with a combination of education, active exercise, and patient involvement. She enjoys working with her patients to achieve their goals and improve their overall quality of life.

Outside the clinic Andrea enjoys staying active through competitive sports, various types of yoga, pilates, spinning, camping, cooking (& eating!) delicious organic food, and spending time with family and friends.

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