Some of Diane’s books include images and figures that correspond to the materials being discussed. There are times, however, when pictures alone do not convey the entire concept. This is why we have included access to online videos. You can access the videos by scanning a code with a smartphone or tablet, or directly from the web­site (no special device required).

QR codes

As each video reference is mentioned you will see a QR code that you can scan and be taken straight to the appropriate video. The first step is to make sure you can scan these codes and then to test this you need to scan the first code in the books instructions (preliminary) to gain access to the videos.

iPad or iPhone

If you are using an iPad or iPhone running the latest software (iOS 11 or higher) then no additional app is required. Simply follow these steps to test with the QR code above.

  1. Open your camera app
  2. Point it at the code (no need to take a picture)
  3. A notification should pop down from the top
  4. Tap that and you will be taken to the access form where you will create your account and get access to the rest of the videos

If that works, you’re ready! If not, you need an app.

QR scanning app

For scanning the codes, we currently recommend QR Code Reader by Scan.

Follow these steps to get started and try it out:

  1. Once the app is installed, open it. The app needs to have access to your camera so click yes or accept.
  2. Once the app opens you should see a view similar to when you take a photo. If not, you may need to click Scan.
  3. Hold your device over the QR code so that it is clearly visible and in focus within your smartphone’s screen.
  4. Two things can happen when you correctly hold your smartphone over a QR code:
    1. The phone automatically scans the code.
    2. On some readers, you have to press a button to snap a picture, not unlike the button on your smartphone camera.
  5. After a successful scan your mobile web browser should open to a page on the Learn with Diane Lee website.

Creating an account

The online videos are only accessible to those who have purchased the corresponding book. In order to access them you need to first set up an account on the Learn with Diane Lee web­site and use a special code to gain access to the videos.

To do this, scan the QR code above or type the associated link into a web browser. Careful with capital letters as this is case sensitive. If you already have an account you still need to scan the code or visit the link. From there you can sign in and the form data will populate itself.

Still need help?

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