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About This Course

This 4 day course – An introduction to the Integrated Systems Model and the cranium, neck and upper thorax – will take place in beautiful Surry Hills, a suburb of Sydney, Australia, and is hosted by Dr. Barbara Hungerford and Advanced Manual Therapy Associates (AMTA).

Who can attend

This course is open to physiotherapists or manual medicine practitioners (osteopaths and chiropractors) and is the ‘coles notes’ version of Part 2 of the ISM Series. If you would like to know more about ISM and whether this evidence-informed, clinical reasoning approach is for you, this is the the course to take! You don’t need the Part 1 material to take this course.

Your registration includes a morning and afternoon coffee break and lunch is on your own. Your tuition provides you with 40 short online videos  (www.learnwithdianelee.com) that will continue to support you as long as you maintain your account with Learn With Diane Lee.

The preparation for this course is to review the anatomy of the neurocranium, it’s bones, sutures, the cerebral falx, cerebellar tentorium and the venous drainage of the cortex via the main sinuses.


The Adina Hotel in Surry Hills, NSW Australia

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Single Payment, 3 Installments


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Online Classroom Prep Included

This is a combination online and in-class course. In order to make the most effective use of our time together in person, online materials are included to help you prepare for the class and (in some cases) for support/review after. This online material will remain accessible as long as you maintain an account with Learn with Diane Lee. Please read the prep material carefully before class.


  1. Amazing depth into the cranium, neck, thorax and shoulder girdle


    Fantastic if you need more in depth review of the cranium, neck, thorax and shoulder girdle. How to look beyond the site of symptom/pain.


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