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Reykjavik, Iceland


October 5-7, 2018


Registration is managed by the course host.  To register contact Sigrun Konradsdottir below.



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Who Can Attend

This course is open to physiotherapists and prior ISM experience is recommended.

Course Description

Headache, neck/shoulder pain and symptoms derived from the thoracic outlet are common complaints in patients with poor trunk function.  When the upper thorax and shoulder girdle become restricted and/or poorly controlled, load on the head and neck is increased during everyday tasks.  When the cranium is malaligned due to external neuromuscular imbalances or through loss of tension ‘balance’ of the intra-cranial membranes as a result of concussions or dural tension, then function of the upper thorax can be impacted. This course will present detailed assessment of the upper thorax, neck and cranium through the lens of the Integrated Systems Model for multiple body conditions.

Registration is managed by the course host.  Contact Sigrun Konradsdottir at for more information on course logistics and registration.


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Online Classroom Prep Included

This is a combination online and in-class course. In order to make the most effective use of our time together in person, online materials are included to help you prepare for the class and (in some cases) for support/review after. This online material will remain accessible as long as you maintain an account with Learn with Diane Lee. Please read the prep material carefully before class.

You will be sent a URL link from "" that will grant you access to the online material in the weeks prior to the course, providing payment has been made in full.


  1. 4

    Excellent prep work for the upcoming course.Some of the material I feel needs to be practised under supervision to truly understand the feel and direction of restrictions

  2. 5

    Great review. There were several great pearls through this course.

  3. ISM support


    Great as always. Good overview and clinical examples

  4. Introduction to The Integrated Systems Model


    So many pearls of wisdom.
    The clinic is the place to be to learn from those we help and those whom we are not able to help
    The lecture, videos, lab reflect years of Experience, Innovation,Functional Relevance, Thinking Outside the Box, Individualized Approach
    Tremendous amount of humor, the key to getting everyone hooked and remembering what is said
    Could watch it over and over again and learn more each time

  5. The Clinical Puzzle


    Creating space..finding the primary driver…using individual skills and collaborating thoughts and tests….I want more knowledge bombs from D Lee…onto the next one…thank YOU!!

  6. Intro to ISM


    Great overview of system and inspiring regarding clinical decision making. Awesome

  7. Fantastic introduction


    Thank you for providing such a wonderful free resource. Improved my knowledge of what the ISM is and got my brain thinking about my clinical practice.

  8. Intro to ISM Model


    Good introduction to the ISM.

  9. Making practical sense throughout the whole video and a chance to reflect on my body as well as other patient’s drivers. The biomechanical pictures were great maybe a freeze frame so we can view it longer for us slower folks visually. Would have liked the hand out for this lecture. Is there one linked that I missed?

  10. Cranium, Neck and Upper Thorax Course


    The handouts were a great place to take notes and make reminders for myself.
    The lab inserts were clear, thought provoking and showed many different congruent and non congruent situations.
    The definition of drivers, co-drivers was simple and understandable.
    The anatomy was spectacular.
    Meaningful tasks were clinically relevant.
    Excellent in every way.

  11. Brain fog


    I feel like I have clarity after listening to this 1 hour lecture, and have never quite understood the concept of brain fog of which i have several patients complaining, and will be keen to test out the corrections once i’ve tried to identify the primary drivers. Great lecture, really informative and easy to follow. I am not sure of the eye being behind, but will clarify at the course in a few weeks hopefully.

  12. I'm blown away


    Thank You!

  13. 5

    Really interesting and I want to learn more!


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