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The abdominal muscles play a key role in the function of the trunk as well as the upper and lower extremity. Pregnancy and delivery can have a significant, and often long lasting, impact on both the appearance of the abdomen (form) and function of the whole body. Women with stretched/widened recti and linea alba (collectively called a diastasis rectus abdominis, DRA or DRAM) often ask whether treatment/exercise will help them or should they consider a surgical repair. Currently there are no guidelines, other than dissatisfaction with the results of training of any kind, to know which individuals with DRA are appropriate for surgery. Who to treat/train and who to refer for surgery were the initial questions in 2007 that prompted further study. At that time, it was still believed that ‘closing the gap’ between the recti was a prerequisite for improving both form and function of the abdomen.

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  1. The Abdominal Wall & Diastasis Rectus Abdominis


    The course met my expectations. A lot of interesting and new informations. I highly recommended .

  2. Excellent course


    Excellent course, a lot of valuable information and good support material of the book.


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