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University of Chichester, West Sussex, United Kingdom


July 12-14, 2019


This course is for ISM Series, Discover Physio Series, or Connect Therapy Series Grads only. If you feel you qualify for this course but the system won’t let you register – it means you are not in our system, yet.  Email Carol at and we’ll check our database and let you know if this is for you!

If you did the Series prior to 2014, this course will provide you with access to many hours of online video lectures and lab support from the updated current Series and short courses, and also will allow you to complete the first part of the requirement for ISM certification – that is the completion of the online quizzes and viewing of this material.  Come update and see where we have gone since 2013!  Lots has changed.

If you did the ISM Series in 2014 or later, come and refine/review your skills and meet other practitioners in the UK and Europe to build your referral network. Come and prepare to certify!

Sorry we do not have you in the list of our ISM Series Grads. Make sure you are logged in to your account. For more info about clinical mentorship in the Integrated Systems Model click here.

Learn more about this course by visiting the course homepage!

Who can attend

This course is open to all ISM graduates (Discover Physio Series Graduates (2007 – 2013, ISM Graduates 2014 – 2017, and anyone who has done the Connect Therapy Series 2014 – current) who wish to update their skills and receive access to the online portion of Diane’s current ISM Series.

If you did your Series prior to 2014 you may not be in our system yet, so please email Carol at for further information on how to register for this course.

About This Course

This is a 3-day highly practical course that will update/refine your ISM skills for:

  1. Understanding the new concept of Functional Units and how this expedites finding the relationships between drivers in different regions (trunk vs head/neck vs extremities).  No more laundry list of 12 findings to play off one another – that’s exhausting!
  2. Learning how the dural becomes tense and loses mobility – integrating Barral concepts with ISM for the cranium and neurodynamic mobility/elongation – when is the skeleton causing the loss of neural/dural mobility and when is loss of dural/neural elongation causes changes in the skeletal behaviour
  3. Any thing you want to review – update on DRA, update on when to spend time ‘waking up’ a muscles (Stage 1 training) vs moving straight to movement training etc.

Come join Diane and the senior ISM assistants for 3 days of learning and take home more ISM tools to improve your efficacy and efficiency.


Once registered you will have full access to all of the current updated ISM Series online video support, completion of this is the first part towards ISM certification.

To prepare for your update course, please go to your Courses under your profile and review any or all of the new material that is there since you did the ISM Series – it updates every year!


University of Chichester, College Lane,

Chichester PO19 6PE, West Sussex,

United Kingdom


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