This clinical guide, complete with over 130 online videos, will present an evidence-based approach (current available research combined with clinical expertise) for clinicians and trainers working with postpartum women who aim to improve the function and appearance of their abdominal wall.

This page provides access to over 130 online videos found in Diastasis Rectus Abdominis – A Clinical Guide for Those who are Split Down the Middle.

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  1. Well recommended course for professonal and client


    Very well explained from theory to proof (evidence and ultrasound), to practice. Detailed explanation, conditions plus progression of exercise. Very much enjoyed reading and watching. Thank you.

  2. I will read and watch this many times. A great course with lots of practical information.


    One of the benefits of the internet is that experts like Diane get to share their knowledge with many more practitioners. I loved the ultrasound videos. I’ve taught many of these exercises for years but watching and rewatching has helped me really understand the deep system more.

  3. DRA Guide supplemental videos


    Very informative. The video demonstrations were helpful to understand the exercises.

  4. Very good information


    Very good course with a lot of valuable theoretical and practical information. The best part was video

  5. DRA Guide


    Exceptional book and videos. Diane Lee is obviously an exceptional therapsit, teacher,mentor, and author. We are very blessed to have such an amazing lady learn, understand and then teach such valuable information. Thank you. Warmly Jennifer Williamson BScPT, Msc.PT, DOMP.

  6. diastasis recti


    I felt this book was very well written and covered this topic effectively. I felt it helped me to develop my evaluation skills and helped to build my clinical skills in exercise progression. Would highly recommend this book to any therapist treating abdominal issues.


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