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Akasha Studio - South Surrey, BC


April 29, 30, 2023

8:30am – 4:30pm both days


Mr Gerard Greene is a graduate of Trinity College in Dublin and an experienced Men’s health physio and is based in the UK. He works in male pelvic pain, pelvic floor rehab post prostate surgery, hard flaccid syndrome, younger erectile dysfunction, pelvic floor dysfunction in sport and focused shockwave in pelvic health. He has established 2 Men’s health physio clinics in the UK (London & Birmingham) and has experience in developing the role and service of Men’s health Physiotherapy.

He has produced a popular Male pelvic pain webinar for the APTA Pelvic Health Academy and delivered a pre-con course at the APTA CSM 2020 conference in Denver with his good friend and colleague Dr Jo Milios. He also presented at IFOMPT Asia in Tokyo in September 2020.

He presented at WCPT 2017 in Cape Town on Men’s health and was invited to teach the 1st Men’s Health course in South Africa with Dr Jo Milios (South African Physiotherapy Society). He has delivered Male pelvic health courses/ conferences for the Japanese Physical Therapy Association and delivered one of the 1st practical Men’s health physiotherapy courses in the Middle East (Dubai). He has also taught men’s health courses in the UK & Ireland. He is a passionate advocate for more physiotherapists to get involved in Male pelvic health. Gerard has also presented numerous online Men’s health courses including some in Canadian and Australian time zones.

In response to COVID-19 he set up an online Male pelvic health Telehealth provision. He is also proud to be a #tutorwhotreats


An Introduction to Men’s Health Physiotherapy

This 2 ½ day Introductory Men’s Health Physical Therapy course (1 day online at your own time before the course and 1.5 days in class) will focus on the assessment and management of the male pelvic health patient. It will focus on the detailed history taking of the complex conditions these men present with. Conditions that will be introduced and focused on will be male pelvic pain, male athletic pelvic pain, hard flaccid syndrome, post prostatectomy urinary incontinence and post prostatectomy erectile dysfunction. This course will also focus on addressing the challenges of setting up or building a men’s health PT service.

Who should attend?

Designed for Male & Female physiotherapists who want to develop or update their interest in Men’s Health physiotherapy including those with a Women’s Health, Musculoskeletal or Sports background. It will equip you to start working with male pelvic patients and to develop a new role or service. Gerard has a strong track record of teaching mixed groups of physical therapists and those who are new to either male pelvic health or pelvic health physiotherapy.


South Surrey BC in the beautiful Akasha Studio, part of Diane Lee & Associates physiotherapy clinic. This is just off 32nd Avenue and 152nd St in South Surrey. Take 32nd Avenue East from 152nd St, turn right on Croydon Drive, then left on 31st. Look for the MNP building on your left as you head south on Croydon.

#101 – 15303 31st Avenue, Surrey BC, Canada 

PROGRAMME: Day 1 Asynchronous online (pre-recorded and you will complete this before attending the course). Access to these lectures will be provided by the course instructor (Mr. Gerard Greene) closer to the course date with ample time to complete prior to the in person portion of the course.

Day 1 – Lectures to be Watched Online before Day 2

Lecture 1:  Scope of Men’s Health Physiotherapy

Lecture 2:  Clinical anatomy & physiology related to Men’s health

Lecture 3:  Male Pelvic Pain

Lecture 4: Management of male pelvic pain

Lecture 5: Introduction the post prostatectomy Prostate Cancer Patient

Lecture 6: Management of the post prostatectomy prostate cancer patient.

Lecture 7: Athletic Pelvic pain and dysfunction: Cycling related pudendal patients to the weekend warrior

Lecture 8: Hard Flaccid Syndrome and younger erectile dysfunction: An emerging area of physiotherapy practice


Day 2: Live in Akasha Studio (Diane Lee & Associates)

9-9.45 am History taking in the male pelvic health patient

9.45 -10.45 Key Musculoskeletal examination components of male pelvic pain

10.45-11.00: Break

11.00- 12.30pm Male Pelvic Floor examination: Assessment and mapping of internal pelvic floor anatomy (Practical)

12.30-1.30pm Lunch

1.30-3pm: Management of male pelvic pain: Musculoskeletal approaches & exercise (Practical)

3-4pm: Ultrasound imaging in the Rehab of male pelvic health patients: From pelvic pain to post prostatectomy rehab.

4-5pm How to develop a Men’s Health Physio service: An expanding role in Physiotherapy


Day 3: Live in Akasha Studio (Diane Lee & Associates) 1/2 day

9-00.10.30 am Post prostatectomy Rehab: Urinary incontinence & Erectile dysfunction

10.30-10.45am Break

10.45-11.45am Internal pelvic floor treatment strategies for male pelvic pain (Practical)

11.45-12.30pm Use of the EZ Magic in the management of male pelvic pain

12.30-1pm Moving forwards in Male pelvic health Physiotherapy






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