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Akasha Studio - South Surrey, BC


February 23, 24, 2019


Tamarah Nerreter – Senior Women’s Health physio at Diane Lee & Associates


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Who Can Attend

This course is open to physiotherapists and other health disciplines who treat/train postpartum women.

Required Reading

Diastasis Rectus Abdominis: A Clinical Guide for Those Who Are Split Down the Middle is required reading for this class.  Purchase a copy here. Bring your personal copy of this book to the course – it is your handout.

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The 2 hour free lecture New ISM Perspectives for Treating Women with PGP, UI, POP and DRA.  It can be found in your account under Courses as well as here.

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Online Classroom Prep Included

This is a combination online and in-class course. In order to make the most effective use of our time together in person, online materials are included to help you prepare for the class and (in some cases) for support/review after. This online material will remain accessible as long as you maintain an account with Learn with Diane Lee. Please read the prep material carefully before class.


  1. Clear


    Thank you, good teaching style

  2. New ISM Perspectives for treatimg women with PGP, UI, POP, and DRA


    Thank you, this is very enlightening. It is changing the way I practice.

  3. 5

    Thankyou Diane Lee for this enlightening course. Love Your teaching style, making everything comprehensive and “simple”. Really looking forward to the hands on course in White Rock this spring!

  4. Forget what you thought you knew about DRA


    If you’re wondering what you are missing with IU, POP and pelvic pain, then take a look at the this. It is well worth the time.

  5. Thank You!


    Fantastic! Learned so much in such a short time.

  6. New perspectives for treating women with PGP,UI,POP, and DRA


    I found this lecture fascinating. I do not feel the standard assessment techniques I have been taught have prepared me to take this in to a clinical setting so I am keen to improve my assessment and clinical reasoning skills. Seeing the ISM model applied has reinforce my opinion that current models for assessment and treatment are not holistic enough. Thank you.

  7. 5

    Very very informative for a postnatal yoga instructor 🙂

  8. Highly Recommend


    Very clear, thorough and well presented explanation of the subjects

  9. Clear and inspiring


    Thank you for such a clear delivery of new information; and helping to answer alot of questions I had on both assessment and treatment of Women’s health. I’m definitely keen to do some more of Diane’s course work.

  10. 5

    A really fresh perspective on treating pelvic health issues! Thanks so much for making this information so accessible to us clinicians, Diane!

  11. Lecture: New ISM Perspectives for Treating Women with PGP, UI, POP, and DRA


    Thank you Diane for sharing all your knowledge and help advance the field forward.

  12. Thank you!


    Thank you for providing this material! I am so thankful for the insight. I hope to join you in person some day to soak up even more of your wisdom!

  13. Lecture:New ISM Perspective for Treating Women with PGP; UI, POP and DRA


    Very interesting lecture and informative.

  14. Thank you


    Thank you for sharing this knowledge from a balanced clinical and research and patient perspectives. It’s a fantastic introduction and makes me want to further my skills in this area. I would like to hear more of the successful non operative DR cases if it’s within this lectures scope. Also what type of surgical repair to request-are some more effective than others?

  15. Fantastic info


    This is just fantastic information that you share freely with us. Thank you


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