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University of Chichester, United Kingdom


Part 1: February 16-20, 2019

Part 2: June 1-5, 2019

Part 3: July 18 – 22, 2019

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To apply for this course please download the application form via the link below.  Fill out the form and save it to your computer, then attach the form to an email to  Filling out the form in the browser and sending a link will not work.


Application Form


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Who can attend

This course is open to graduate physiotherapists. Acceptance to course will be decided by organizing committee (Diane Lee & Jo Abbott), you will be notified if you qualify and have been accepted to attend this course upon which a $500 CDN non-refundable deposit will be billed to your credit card. Other health disciplines may be accepted at Diane’s discretion.

Cancellation Policy

Please read carefully

Learn with Diane Lee reserves the right to alter the schedule or cancel this course. If this course is cancelled by Learn with Diane Lee a full refund will be provided.

If a course registrant cancels prior to 3 months before the course start date and the spot can be filled, a full refund (minus the $500 deposit) will be provided.

If a course participant cancels after this time, or their spot cannot be filled, there is a $500 cancellation fee. For cancellations please email:

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Payment Type

Single Payment, 3 Installments


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Online Classroom Prep Included

This is a combination online and in-class course. In order to make the most effective use of our time together in person, online materials are included to help you prepare for the class and (in some cases) for support/review after. This online material will remain accessible as long as you maintain an account with Learn with Diane Lee. Please read the prep material carefully before class.

You will be sent a URL link from "" that will grant you access to the online material in the weeks prior to the course, providing payment has been made in full.


  1. Great review of arthrokinematics


    Enjoyed Lynn’s CP it was very thorough!

  2. A precise review of arthrokinematics in foot during pronation and supination.


    I’ve been releasing dura (including obturator foramen), sphenoid and cranial bones for years. Reviewing the venous drainage was very helpful in understanding more clearly restrictions leading to dysfunction. I’m looking forward to meaningful tasks and corrections for both the cranium and feet in part 3.

  3. Ready for part three!


    Loved the foot videos, what a great analysis of the foot and it’s biomechanics, fun!

  4. For the love of feet!


    This is a really informative and inspirational phase in Learning with Diane Lee. As a Biomechanist this really brought whole body mechanics together on the injury prevention/management platform – a trick not to missed next time I’m in the Lab! Dr. Ed Glaser’s MASS Posture Theory is a sensational listen with all the reasons ‘why’ i love geeking out on feet! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  5. 5

    Excellent videos!

  6. Really enjoyed this course!


    This series definitely challenged my thinking and my way of practice. There is a lot of information (that still needs to be consolidated in my mind!), so the review videos are helpful. I really enjoyed the learning experience in the classroom with physiotherapists and osteopaths from around the world – pretty cool group to learn from. A big thank you to Diane, Cathy, and all associates who shared their knowledge and expertise with us!

  7. 5

    Amazing series. I would recommend it to any therapist who is is interested in treating whole patient effectively. All information can be immediately used in a clinic to treat even the most complicated cases. I am honored to be the part of ISM family.

  8. quite a journey!


    The ISM is an amazing way of thinking to facilitate precision and economy in our practice. I have learned a ton and have been able to make progress with clients I had had limited or temporary results with previously. I am so thankful for the excellent instruction and support over the past half year that we have all been learning together, and know that the learning will continue with the help of the extensive materials online and in Diane’s books.

  9. Superb!


    Gutted the 15 days are over already – can’t wait to fly 10 hours back to the UK so I can get started implementing all this awesome material. Thanks Diane, Cathy and team ISM 🙂

  10. 4

    Great review. I would of liked some voice over on anatomy of abdominal wall and diaphragm anatomy of clinical points of reference and importance. Slower more detailed review of the painful learning curve for thoracic mobilization techniques…multiplanar movements etc….

  11. 5

    I really love the video learning, especially when there’s audio narration. It is especially helpful with the clinical reasoning components. For the skill acquisition, especially the didactic arthrokinematics, it was very helpful to be tested on the quiz, so I had to really get it down, and not skim over it. The clinical puzzle and ISM letter are also very helpful in terms of grounding the information, and forcing me to wrestle with it. This is a great format for my learning style: mostly joyful soaking up of information and being inspired, and just enough accountability focus to make it real. Thank you.

  12. Excellent


    The videos were really helpful for review! I think that the articles were also really good to ready and important insight.

  13. Helpful!


    Wishing I had access to this during my pelvic floor training, very thorough.

  14. What a fantastic journey!


    The Online Training, at this point, saw Guest Speakers joining the team of experts embracing you in to their professional field of PT; exploding content, fully investigating the components, and then building the topic back up again whilst leaving you feel like you had just achieved the impossible! Thank you to all contributors 🙂

  15. Great Videos!


    What a great way to integrate practical knowledge, so easy to listen to and directly applicable to patients.

  16. Great format for learning


    Diane and her team have put together a fantastic collection of videos to review concepts introduced in part 1 and layer on new information without being overwhelming.

  17. 4

    Instead of self study for vectors of rings, TOS, and labrum tears, I would rather have the information supplied to study so I know if I am on the correct path. I understand this is probably due to different learning styles.

  18. Time to reflect


    Useful anatomy videos and some thought provoking exercises

  19. Love the ample videos

    Here is a quick suggestion, I liked part 2 with Tiana’s videos. Maybe a short written summary of findings underneath the videos would, I think, go a long way. That way it would help me focus and allow me a chance to reflect.

  20. Part I Support Review


    This was absolutely helpful. The videos and the instruction helped me tie in all of the materials from class. It also made it more practical for me. I believe a couple of the videos did not have audio. Still good to see but prefer audio to be included to have a full grasp.

  21. Part 1 Support


    Excellent review of key concepts in Part 1. The videos were short and succinct and key assessment and treatment principles were covered. The support material really helped to solidify the material covered in part 1. They will continue to be an excellent resource in the future!

  22. Part 1 Support


    The video support in this section enables each attendee on the course to build a foundation of the key principles of ISM, use the Pelvic Girdle Book as a further reference tool to the concepts, and each visual representation applying the skills allows each practitioner to hone their skills.

  23. Part 1


    Wow!-awesome course, incredible support 11 out of 10 stars 🙂

  24. Excellent


    Good video for visual learners to review what was gone over during the first part of the series. I really enjoyed the review and felt that it has been helpful as a reference when in the clinic

  25. Great series!


    I repeatedly watch the videos to pick up the nuances to apply them efficiently in the clinic. Love them!

  26. 4

    Helpful to reinforce the course!

  27. Great to review anatomy/techniques


    A really useful set of material to review anatomy and techniques. And the videos of exercise progressions near the end were fab!

  28. Very Nice Diane


    I am really digging this online learning module and the questions. I wish wew had this sooner but I know the future classes will benefit. Thank you for reinvesting your time and energy and of course $$$ for a better product for the future.

  29. Thank you!


    So much great information to learn and absorb in the online modules. I look forward to exploring it all further and deepening my understanding in the live course together. Thank you so much.

  30. Love the videos


    I found the case studies and analysis of different vectors most helpful. Nice to be able to go back and watch again for future reference.

  31. Great Introduction


    I really enjoyed this format, you can see the changes that are created using this model – which is exciting and inspiring!

  32. Wow


    Love the endless little videos.

  33. Improving quality care with efficiency


    My purpose for taking the ISM course was to improve my orthopedic testing skills and decrease the number of patient visits by improving efficiency and efficacy. I’m getting 50-80% improvements in my woman’s health patients in 2-4 visits. That’s phenomenal.

  34. Great Review


    I keep getting more and more out of the series as I review the materials. Thanks for putting it together in such a useful format.

  35. THIS is physical therapy


    I absolutely loved this course. I work a lot with pelvic floor issues, and this approach is what I have been missing. Can’t wait for more!

  36. Good prep work


    The prep work was manageable. It is a lot, compared to other courses I have taken, but it’s very do-able. I enjoyed watching the videos and seeing Diane in her element. It definitely got me excited about the upcoming course! For the case histories, I learn best by seeing a completed worksheet, before trying to fill one out myself. And one suggestion re the quizzes – upon successful completion of a quiz (> 70%), it would be nice to see the correct answers for the questions I got wrong. Definitely helps me learn better, without going back through the textbook and all video segments to try and locate the right answers.

  37. thorough review!


    this course is a good walk through things we as PTs know, things we may have forgotten, things we might need to forget and things to consider and learn anew.
    I vacillated between feeling like my typical treatment was incredibly imprecise, to realizing that my instincts were spot on.
    I so look forward to the next 6 months of learning together!

  38. Amazing!


    It was amazing that I can learn a lot from this part 1 prep course before the in-class course starts!

  39. Thank you


    I could learn a lot thing because there are a lot of evidence and clinical experience in this course!! Specially, case study is very helpful for me to understand it. Thank you.

  40. ISM Part I Prep


    I absolutely LOVED this course! Diane is so captivating to listen to and makes everything seem so simple. Because of her simple and clear explanations, I have already been able to start applying her techniques into my caseload. I am so excited for the on-site learning that will occur. Thank you!

  41. Prep 1


    Enlightening! Inspiring! Energizing!

  42. Series: Part 1 Prep


    Excellent overview and will be a continual valuable reference. Thank you.

  43. Lots of great stuff


    Wow! my brain is spinning but in a good way! Thanks for the fantastic information. Can’t wait to put it together in person…

  44. I'm at wow!


    Great information! I am super excited for the class to get my hands on these techniques!

  45. Reviewing Part one!


    What a great way to go back over the material and revise and refresh the knowledge and skills that I’ve been working with.
    A brilliant resource. Now onto Part 2!

  46. Thank you


    Thank you for so wonderful information. I enjoyed this module.


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