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A Weekend with Diane Lee & Mark Finch

Integration of evidence and clinical reasoning applied to the lower quadrant (pelvis to foot)

Do you know how to determine if the pelvis, hip or foot is playing the key role in the clinical presentation? Would you like to learn more about WHERE to treat, and WHAT to treat?

Sound clinical reasoning makes treatment more effective, helps illuminate a treatment plan and allows for easy integration with other professionals.

This weekend course is a collaboration between Physiotherapist Diane Lee and RMT Mark Finch. This course is specifically designed for RMTs to enhance clinical reasoning skills and facilitate efficacy of release techniques.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain an overview of The Integrated Systems Model (ISM)(Lee & Lee), and the role of release techniques in an integrated treatment plan .
  • Learn clinical reasoning skills to find the primary driver of pain or dysfunction specifically applied to the interplay between the foot, hip and pelvis.
  • Learn integrated neural and fascial techniques to treat the determined primary driver .

Timeline for 2 day class

Day 1 – Assessment: Determine WHERE and WHAT to treat


Lecture: Introduction to The Integrated Systems Model (ISM)(Lee & Lee). The principles of assessment & treatment according to the ISM and the role of release techniques.
Practical: Finding the driver Pelvis to Foot – WHERE to treat.


Lecture: Tension mechanics.
A review of anatomy to inform understanding of tissue mechanics. Using
tensegrity as a theoretical framework to determine WHAT to treat.
Practical: Determine what to treat in order to restore optimal tissue mechanics.

Day 2 – Treatment: Determining HOW to treat


Lecture: Theoretical considerations for releasing neuromuscular tone.
Practical: Which techniques decrease tone and how to apply them for the pelvis, hip and foot.


Lecture: Theoretical considerations for releasing fascia. A review of current fascial research to understand behaviour of fascia.
Practical: Techniques for the pelvis, hip and foot.

CMTBC CE credits pending approval

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