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Course Description & Registration

Headache, neck/shoulder pain and symptoms derived from the thoracic outlet are common complaints in patients with poor trunk function.  When the upper thorax and shoulder girdle become restricted and/or poorly controlled, load on the head and neck is increased during everyday tasks.  When the cranium is malaligned due to external neuromuscular imbalances or through loss of tension ‘balance’ of the intra-cranial membranes as a result of concussions or dural tension, then function of the upper thorax can be impacted.  At the other end of the body, impairments of mobility and control of the foot can impact function of the pelvis, thorax, head and neck! This course will be about understanding how all the sites of non-optimal function in the body are impacting each other and how the Integrated System Model helps to expedite clinical reasoning decisions for treatment.

This course is open to physiotherapists and prior ISM experience is recommended.

Registration is managed by the course host. To register, please email your interest to Markus Metsaranta, president of SOMTY,

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Course Description


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